Mastin - The Real Songwriters of Melbourne Article

Let me introduce to you Mastin. You might recognise him, he does look uncannily alike Australia’s 2011 X Factor Winner Reece Mastin. And the vocals in MASTIN’s single ‘Not the Man for You’, sound faintly similar to the vocals in Reece Mastin’s debut single ‘Good Night’.

But 2011 was a long time ago. And Reece Mastin, now known to the music world as Mastin, and now with much more life experience under his belt, has come a long way since then.

Reece Reveals Suitcase of Stories

Reece Mastin is set to bring his ‘Suitcase of Stories’ tour to Tasmania this week. Reece is very much grown up from his X-Factor days and is now known by his surname Mastin.  The name Reece actually holds clues to the reinvented musician. Reece means ‘ardent’ fiery’ and this point in time with the raw rock and roll of the new single ‘Not the man for you’ and album ‘Suitcase of Stories’ we witness this ‘ardent’ and ‘fiery’ reinvented singer, saying it like it is.

Mastin Not The Man For You Interview -

"Not everyone will love this, and I'm very OK with that"

Mastin's new single Not The Man For You is a rock n roll belter and is completely unlike anything fans have heard from him before. "Not everyone will love this, and I'm very OK with that," offers Mastin. "But for those who share the same taste as I do for the grand and world-changing genre of rock n roll, I wanted to make something special and long-lasting. I wanted to make something that can change your day, change your mindset, and make you feel like you can take on the world."